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Ayurved is considered as the mother system of all holistic wellness. This is a Body balancing system of human being through correction of Tridosha, Panchmahabhut, Sapta dhatu, Tri mala, Atma & Tri guna of Mana.

Ayurveda, the fartest growing speciality of Indian system of Medicine due to inclusion of three basic treatment modalities like Nidan parivarjan, Shodhna ( Panchakarma ) and Samana which are unique one for the betterment of human being. The question arises that Are we using this with ful potential? Ayurveda has eight ways to diagnose called as Ashtavidhha Pariksha includes Nadii (Pulse), Mutra (Urine) , Mala (Stool) ,Jhiva (Tounga), Shabd (Speech) ,Sparsh (Touch) , Drika (Vision), and Akruti (Appearance). Now a days, Human being are constantly expose to thousands of potentially toxic chemicals such as metals, pesticides, environmental pollutants and social poisons such as tobacco and alcohol. The human body can not get rid of them may be due to fat solubility and limited excretory capacity. This results in the accommodation of toxins coming severe health problems. Panchakarma ( five procedure) is the first step to provide Bio-purification to the body. It combines different therapies of Prevention, Promotion and Rejuvenation