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In Patanjali Wellness treatment through naturopathy is a unique feature where health seekers are treated with the help of HydroTherapy, Mud Therapy, Sun Therapy(Sun bath, Color thermolium, Green house thermolium), Aero Therapy, Open Air Space Therapy, Yog Therapy, Magnet Therapy, Reiki Therapy, Pranic Healing, Colon Irrigator Hydro Therapy, Mud Swimming Pool, Ozone Steam Sauna Bath, Water Wave Massage Bath, Whirlpool Bath, Ozone Bubble Massage, Circular Jet Massage, Hydro Jet Spray Bath, Douche, Circular Sprinkler Shower Bath, Acupressure as per guidelines of classical texts under the supervision of experienced doctors and skilled staff members.


In water wave massage therapy treatment process whole body is massaged by simulating sea-like waves in water, which helps treat all types of bodily and mental ailments. The therapy makes you feel happy, healthy and enraptured.

    • Helps in muscles relaxation, increases blood circulation and relieve muscular pain and tension.
    • Creates awareness of the body, reduces anxiety levels, gives a sense of well-being, improves the ability to monitor stress signals, gives a feeling of peace of mind.
    • Helpful in Obesity, Neurological disorders.
    • Very effective in joint mobilization


It is a special tub having reclining back in which patient sits with his legs outside the tub which is full of water, Thighs and lower body upto navel are under water, Head is covered with wet towel and belly below navel is rubbed by towel.

    • Increases circulation in Liver, Spleen and Intestines.
    • Has Magic Effect in Improving Digestion
    • Removes Constipation, Headache, Gas, Cures Piles, Jaundice etc.
    • Helps in disturbed Menstrual Cycle of women.
    • Helps in removing Toxins from Body.


Similar tub as used in hip bath is used for sitz bath. Patient sits in Sitz bath tub filled with water, legs resting outside on stool. Male patients rub prepuce and Female Patients rub the outer portion of Female organ with wet cloth.

    • Specially meant for Gynecological issues in females
    • Cools down heat of the body and increases the vital force.


Spinal bath is taken in special tub which has water about 3 inches deep. Patient lies in the tub so that only spinal column and some portion of back are under water. After the spinal bath back should be dried with the dried towel.

1. Increases blood circulation and strengthens the nervous system.
2. Helps in low or high blood pressure by different temperatures of water given depending upon the condition.
Helps to remove back pain.

    • Increases blood circulation and strengthens the nervous system.
    • Helps in low or high blood pressure by different temperatures of water given depending upon the condition.
    • Helps to remove back pain..


According to Vedas earth is ras or essence of other elements either, air, sun and water.
Preparation: Fine special black mud is mixed with water to prepare it for taking mud bath. Mud is applied to body, dried under natural sunlight and washed away with fresh water.

    • It absorbs the heat as well as toxins from the body and cures diseases.
    • Mud is detoxifying medicine for the whole body, especially skin.
    • It enhances the beauty.


Whirlpool bath therapy is the treatment process in which all or part of the body is exposed to forceful whirling currents of hot water, which results in massaging action that can improves circulation and relaxation and removal of toxins deposited on skin and in muscles.

    • Helps in recovering from mental fatigue and physical stress.
    • Generates the feeling of new zest and youthfulness in all the limbs.
    • Beneficial in physical, mental and psychosomatic diseases.


Specially made equipment directs multiple, small but powerful water streams from all directions on the patient which gives a feeling of having a rain bath.

    • This bath gives instant cooling and refreshing effect especially after taking a prolonged hot treatment such as steam bath.
    • This bath causes a powerful circulatory reaction mainly enhances the functions of the skin.


Sauna is typically a room heated to between 70° to 100° Celsius or 158° to 212° Fahrenheit. Traditional Finnish saunas usually use dry heat, with a relative humidity that is often between 10 and 20 percent.

    • It may provide benefits for cardiovascular health that resemble those derived from exercise.
    • When a person sits in a sauna, their heart rate increases and blood vessels widen. This increases circulation, in a similar way as low to moderate exercise depending on the duration of sauna bath.
    • Increased circulation may help reduce muscle soreness, improve joint movement, and ease arthritis pain.


Steam bath not only relaxes and renews energy but also promotes health and beauty as well. Steam bath chambers are enclosed spaces that are heated with steam. The temperatures vary, but steam rooms are typically kept somewhere around 110°F.

    • Improves circulation
    • Detox body through sweating
    • Reduces stress
    • Burns calories
    • Loosens stiff joints


The patient sits without clothes on a chair in a closed room. His head is covered by cold wet towel. His legs are put in a bucket which has water at about 102° Fahrenheit, His legs up to calves should be under water. Gradually the temperature of the water should be raised up to 110° to 115° Fahrenheit.

    • Helps in inducing sound sleep.
    • Benificial in Headache.
    • Benificial in Colds Cough.
    • Benificial in High Blood Pressure.

Patanjlai Wellness

Oil Massage

Massage is to work and act on the body with pressure. Massage techniques are commonly applied with hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearms, feet, or a device. The purpose of massage is generally for the treatment of body stress or pain

    • Oil massage helps to reduce obesity.
    • Helps to cure skin ailments.
    • Massage boosts the immunity of the body and protects from various kinds of diseases.
    • It helps to get rid of dead skin cells and helps in revitalizing the whole body.
    • It helps to detoxify the Body.
    • It also relives various kind of painful conditions.


Patanjlai Wellness offers you a “SHAHI SANAN” given with original pure fresh pink rose petals crushed in pure cow milk and mixed with honey.